6000+ Peaks

  • Bondid Rustam Peak
  • Karakorum Traverse Trek
  • Drifak Peak

 The Bondid (6660) Peaks and Rustam (5500-m)Peak are suited in Karakoram range of Kanday Village District Ghangche Baltistan.It’s lies an opposite of well known rock climbing walls (Nangma valley).The valley offer climbe to more un-climbed peaks above the 6000,and below,and providing an oppertuanity to make record in this vally .Also it’s nicely experience to explore in new vally and it’s certaily make your trip flora and fanona. However it’s gold chance to make history by climbing these un-ascended peaks. The vally offer another oppertuaity to see the gigantic Karakoram highest mountains from the view of Iqbal top ,including the world 2nd highest peaks K2, ,Broad Peak,GI,GII,and many other peaks as well. The journey will start after the Bandit Base camp, by passing to Iqbal top at almost 5000m height. Whereas Mrs. Irena with two others (Slovenia) visited and climbed these valley. Any how these peaks are magnificent , the bonus point is, there no require any climbing permit nor License officer. The trek Kanday to Base camp is quite easy access, as can be reach within two days for Base camp.

 Trekking in Pakistan is most popular among the tourists all over the world. The area is ideal for mountaineering, trekking and nature watching. The place is ideal for those who want to discover a peace of mind. One can enjoy the unspoiled and pollution free natural beauty of the land. The Karakoram Highway and the link roads have made easier to reach starting points for trekking into the region. There are many trekking routes, some of short duration and some long duration. The Northern Areas of Pakistan offer the easy to strenuous trekking for those looking for a cultural experience. And for those looking for challenging treks like the K2 Concordia Ghondhgoro la, K2 Base camp, and Biafo-Hisper treks offers some of the most challenging, remotest and demanding trekking anywhere in the world. Trekking in these areas is a wonderful experience for any one who enjoys the world most spectacular and diverse scenery of snow capped lofty mountains, lush valleys, chuckling streams and emerald green lakes, atypical wildlife like the Snow Leopard and the Ibex and colourful ancient culture and its friendly people leave an everlasting impression on the visitors. 


Drifak Peak (6447)is lies in Karakoram region,locted in Kharidas and Nagma valley,in Kanday village, district Ghangche Baltistan.It’s surrounded in two faces south( nangma valley) and north (Kharidas valley). The south side is favorite for climbing and easy access for base camp. To choice as the climb of south side,it’s another unique chance to see the marvelous nangma valley as it known as the home of rock climbing and trekking.The Amin Braq ,K6(7225) Amin Nawaz ,Braq zang ,along with many others rock peaks situated in the vally.Drifka was first climbed by Italian,later then in 2000 by Americans. Besides the enjoy of rock climbing this valley will entertain you with it’s savage beauty of heaven on the earth.

  • Kapura Peak
  • Paju Peak
  • Cigrate Peak

In early September 2013 the Portuguese climbers Daniela Teixeira and Paulo Roxo made the first ascent Kapura South (6350m) in the Nangma Valley, Karakoram, Pakistan, via their route Never Ending Dreams (1300m, M4). From 6 – 9 September Daniela Teixeira and Paulo Roxo made the first ascent of Kapura South, a beautiful 6350m peak located in Pakistan’s Nangma Valley and a sister summit of the main Kapura Peak (6544m). The two climbers from Portugal climbed a 1300m line up the SW Ridge past difficulties up to M4 and 70° ice and theirs is the first route from the Nangma Valley. Kapura’s main summit was first climbed in 2004 by Doug Chabot, Steve House, Bruce Miller, Marko Prezelj and Steve Swenson from the Charakusa side, while in 2009 Marek Holecek and Jan Doudlebsky added another route from the same side, namely Wild Wings (1300m, WI5+ M7, 70°). This spectacular peak located in beautiful rock paradise Nangma valley Kanday Baltistan. they do so in order to bake break for the coming days. It was first climbed in 1990 By American, and recently was climbed by Spanish in 2013.


This stunning peak located in Humbroq valley of Hushe village, District Ghangche Baltistan. It’s very easy access as it just 3 hours to Base Camp from Hushe village. The visitors is not only can enjoy to climb as holiday trips, but also can enjoy to see all the Karakoram mountains including K2,Broad Peak,GI,GII,with many others from Humbroq.The valley fully covered with green meadows with stunning flowers which is absolutely adding the nature beauties.So let’ try to climb as enjoy for this magnificent peak.They do so in order to bake break for the coming days. It was first climbed in 1990 By American, and recently was climbed by Spanish in 2013


Laila Peak (6,096) is one of the fascinated peaks among the Karakoram Range. It has located in Hushe valley district Ghangche Baltistan Pakistani has a distinctive spear-like shape, and northwest face has a slope of 45 degrees in more than 1500 vertical meters. The height of the Leila peak is controversial, as some believe it to be 6200 meters whereas some mention it as 6614 meters. In a Japanese mountaineering map by Tsuneo Miyamori (published in 2003), the height of Laila Peak is mentioned as 6096 meters The first ascent of Laila Peak (aka Leyla Peak) was made by Simon Yates, Mark Miller and Sean Smith in the late 1980’s. They reckoned the mountain’s height to be around 6300m which is the height generally accepted by most. They also climbed nearby Nemeka (6400m).